Rooms with a sea view

View from the terrace on the sea, close to the beach is probably one of the main criteria when selecting apartments for summer vacation in Croatia.

Want to place your holiday to be near the sea? Do you want accommodation by the sea where you can listen to the sounds of the waves and the sea from your balcony? Rooms by the sea and the beach provide you with an excellent opportunity to experience an unforgettable vacation on the Adriatic coast.

When searching for accommodation by the sea in Croatia, more precisely on the beautiful Opatija Riviera, will help our search engine to filter, using which you can choose to stay by the sea in Kvarner.

Never enough accommodation by the sea. Our categories of accommodation by the sea means that accommodation is only 50m air line away from the sea and it is precisely this category of accommodation most requested among all markets and types of guests. The experience of the summer is when out of bed, you can "jump" into the sea. Yes, that's exactly what wants 90% of tourists traveling to Croatia on holiday.

Croatia has a very long coast, and in many localities can find real little oasis houses and apartments located near the sea. These are priceless sites that provide a unique experience. When you have to cool down enough to get out of the house and jump into the sea.

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