Tour guide - Opatija

Tour guide - Opatija

What To See - A quick overview of city sightseeing you shouldn’t miss. Monuments - Opatija’s monuments keep the stories of the city as well as its valuable heritage. Museums and Collections - Discover the story behind Opatija’s past in its museums, amongst theirits rich collections and exhibitions. Parks and Promenades - Just a brief look of the promenades and parks that Opatija offers... Attractions - Places you can see only in Opatija, places that make this city special Architecture -A city's buildings and architecture stand as the greatest testament to all the changes that affect the city over the course of time. Around Opatija - Visit Opatija’s surroundings. What To Do - Ideas what to see and do in Opatija. Calendar of Events - Browse events in Opatija, with the help of our search engine Annual Events - Every season Opatija provides a particular kind of entertainment. Culture - Places that preserve and keep alive important part of Opatija's identity – culture. Sport and Recreation - For those who like to shed a little sweat while on their travels. Hangouts - Find your place for fun in one of the many clubs in the city. Beaches - Opatija has the beach for everyone’s taste. Shopping - If you cannot imagine visiting a new place without spending some money in the local shops... Health Tourism - Health is the most important thing and Opatija offers a number of excellent health facilities. Where to Eat and Drink - Taste various fish, meat and vegetarian dishes as well as exotic specialties. Taverns, Buffets... Experience the relaxed atmosphere of Opatija’s taverns. Pizzerias - Wide range of places is offering this widespread and loved dish. Fast Food - Fast food goes with fast sightseeing. Cafes and Bars - Choose your location and watch the city run next to you. Opatija's Main Market - No supermarket can replace the excitement of the unpredictable purchase at the city market. Kvarner Food - Experience the soul of this region at Kvarner Food restaurants Where To Stay - Hotels, Hostels, Campsite, Private Accommodation, Kvarner Family Arrival in Opatija - You can arrive in Opatija from three main inland directions as well as from the sea and from the air. Guided Tour - Take a tour around the town, accompanied by a tourist guide. Mobile applications - Applications that can turn your mobile phone into a genuine expert on Opatija and its surrounding places. Tourist Bus - Riding the TourIst bus is an excellent opportunity to do the best sightseeing of Rijeka and Opatija. Maps and Brochures Tourist Information Centre - Get useful information, find brochures, purchase souvenirs. Service Information - All the information you might need to find your way around our town. Opatija through history - A walk through the history of Opatija. Tales from Opatija - (In)famous people, events, mysteries, scientific discoveries... Multimedia - Get to know Opatija and its sights through the camera lens. Opatija in numbers - All Opatija’s numbers in one place… Opatija's Surroundings - Meet our dear neighbours. Kvarner - Kvarner is a region of varied stories and strong emotions.



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